Geotechnical Investigation

Offering a comprehensive range of ground investigation services, STS understand ground conditions are the key to a successful and ……..

Hydrological Modelling

Hydrological modeling extends to predicting flood potential, offering a comprehensive understanding of the areas at risk.……..

Material & Soil Testing

Lab test for Soil, Concret, Cement, Asphalt or Aggregate and Chemical Testing Of Water……..

Advanced Testing

STS is the only company in Pakistan that offers cone penetration testing , Pressure Meter Test , Electrical Resistivity Tomography……..

Pile testing

Pile testing is the process of evaluating the performance and characteristics of piles. It involves conducting tests to determine……..

Topographical Survey

We provide topographical survey services tailored to your requirement anywhere in Pakistan. We understand the crucial role that accurate ……..

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive or partially-destructive testing enables built environments to be investigated without the……..

Geotechnical design

Geotechnical design covers problems in foundation design, design of retaining structures, design of earth and rock fill dams, slope stability analysis,……..