Low Strain Pile Integrity Test

Low Strain PIle Integrity Test

Low Strain Integrity Test, also known as Pile Integrity Test (PIT) is a non-destructive testing method for integrity assessments of concrete piles (augured cast-in-place piles, drilled shafts or driven piles). If major defects exist, test results may be interpreted to estimate the magnitude and location of defect.

Because of the simplicity, speed of execution and relatively low cost, PIT may be performed on 100% of the piles on a given job site.

The methodology involves a small impact by hand-held hammer on the pile top that generates a compressive stress wave in the pile. The stress wave propagates down the pile shaft and is reflected when it encounters either the toe or a non-uniformity of the shaft. These reflections cause a change in the acceleration signal measured on the pile top, which is picked up and processed by the Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) equipment and interpreted using PIT-Software.

STS is equipped with Pile Integrity Testers from Pile Dynamics, USA to perform Low Strain Pile Integrity test on piles.