Material & Soil Testing

Material & Soil Testing

We have the experience to support our customers at all stages of a project, offering advice and expertise when required; Approval testing allows our customers to make the best use of site-won materials and reduce the costs associated with waste disposal while our Compliance testing ensures customers meet their obligations, make optimal use of on-site resources, minimize downtime and avoid the overwork of materials.

Aggregate Testing

STS’ purpose-built, air-conditioned laboratories undertake an extensive range of physical, mechanical and chemical testing of aggregates.……..


Rock testing is conducted to understand the properties of rocks and how they will behave under various conditions,……..

Water Testing

By evaluating water quality, we can identify potential corrosive elements that may impact construction materials, ……..

Concrete Testing

Whether evaluating new mix designs, testing for compliance, assessing the condition of in-situ concrete or investigating reasons for failure,……..

Soil Testing

STS provides a market-leading soil testing and classification service to clients in the civil engineering and construction sectors.……..

Steel Testing

Steel testing is a critical component of materials analysis in geotechnical engineering, ensuring the quality and structural integrity of steel……..