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Soil Testing Services opened its doors in 1997 headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan and has been providing a broad range of engineering and consulting services to industrial, commercial, governmental and private clients across the country. The company has a highly experienced and qualified staff, including professional engineers, geologists, field and laboratory technicians, licensed drilling rig operators, and various support personnel, all offering personal service.


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What sets us apart?

  • One of the oldest geotechnical investigation company in Karachi.
  • In-house laboratory testing facility.
  • Provides advanced testing facilities including nondestructive and geophysical testing.
  • Only geotechnical company to provide cone penetration facility.
  • State of Art Software for data compilaton and geotechnical analysis.
  • Team of highly professional and experienced geotechnical engineers.
  • Registered with PEC,SBCA,CBC and other.