Geotechnical Design

Geotechnical Design

Pile Design

Pile design is a pivotal area of geotechnical engineering that intricately addresses the strategic planning and optimization of deep foundation ……..

Ground Improvement Design

Ground improvement design is a crucial facet of geotechnical engineering, addressing challenges related to weak or variable……..

Shoring Design

Shoring design is very crucial technique used in construction to ensure workers safety and structure stability. It serves as the foundation for ……..

Embankment Design

Our multi-disciplinary team of civil engineers, engineering geologists, and geotechnical engineers are well-versed in the many facets ……..

Finite Element Modelling

STS has extensive experience in finite element modeling (FEM) for all types of structures, including static, dynamic, modal, and random vibration ……..

Slope Stability Analysis

Our geotechnical engineering proficiency extends to a focused assessment of slope stability—an integral service ensuring the safety ……..

Rockfall Analysis

Rockfalls are geological processes that occur quickly on steep natural or man-made slopes due to gravitational forces. They can result in the ……..