Advance Testing

In order to estimate the dynamic parameters of subsurface deposits, STS provides the following advanced testing facilities

Advance Testing

Menard Pressuremeter Tests

It is an advanced geotechnical field test being exclusively offered by STS to our clients in Pakistan.
It is an in-situ stress controlled loading test performed on the walls of a borehole using a cylindrical probe which can expand radially. Stress-strain curves obtained on the basis of pressure and volume readings yield different parameters of soil and rock including Menard pressuremeter modulus and Menard limit pressure. It is based on ISO 22476-4 and ASTM D-4719-00.
Menard Pressuremeter tests are accurate Geotechnical field tests for determination of Shear strength characteristics and Elastic Deformation Parameters of all soils and weak rocks through this test It an act as an Ideal tool for ground improvement quality control.

Advance Testing


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